My parts list/tender specifications

62762-866-WL WD 180 flex comf. sens. WL

Data Sheet:

Movement detector sensor with measurement of ambient light. For automatic switching of devices dependent on motion and brightness. Push switch function possible at all times. ./. In combination with dimmer insert flex: dimming function of lighting and selectable light value storage. With time-controlled basic illumination function. With time-controlled night anti-glare function. With enabling of pre-warning of switch-off for stairwell operation. Compatible with all free@home flex inserts. Works with free@home. Remote operation via the Bluetooth and smartphone/tablet app. Programming via Bluetooth with the ABB-free@home® app or via the web interface of the System Access Point. Extension of the detection range by means of master/slave combination. Timer with Astro function. Automatic switchover from summer time to winter time (switch-off function). With continuous light/continuous Off function. With brightness-independent test mode for evaluating the detection zone. With detection display in test mode. Surveillance density: 14 sectors with 56 switching segments. Switch-off delay: approx. 10 sec - 30 min or short-time pulse 1 sec adjustable. For relay insert flex, 1gang, 64811 U. For e-contact insert flex, 1gang, 64814 U. For series relay insert flex, 2gang, 64821 U. For LED touch dimmer insert flex, 1gang, 64851 U.