My parts list/tender specifications

6164/11-102 Actuating drive 24V

Data Sheet:

For the actuation of heaters and cooling ceilings in connection with conventional room temperature controllers (e.g., 1094 U) or KNX, or free@home heating/valve actuators (e.g., 6164/46, 6254/0.XX)). The Filament Transformer 6190/49-101 can be used as the power supply. With function display (opened or closed). de-energized when closed Max. opening/closing time: 3.5 min For installing, a suitable valve adapter is required. Connecting cable: 1.0 m (pluggable) Power input: 40 mA (approx. 1 W) Inrush current: < 300 mA (max. 2 min)