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HCC/S2.1.1.1 Heating/Cooling Circuit Controller, 2-fold, 0-10 V, MDRC

Data Sheet:

For the control of a heating or cooling circuit. The device has 2 channels, each with an analog output to control the mixing valve (0…10V) of a heating or cooling circuit as well as a relay output (5A) to switch the pump of the circuit. Via 3 binary inputs it is possible to monitor the status of the pump (via potential free contacts) and integrate these feedback into the control of the pump. The flow and return flow temperature are measured and used for the calculation of the control value for the valve output in the integrated controller. The set point temperature is received via the KNX bus. By bundling both channels of the device it is also possible to use it for double pump systems. The device supports the ABB i-bus Tool for advanced diagnosis and improved commissioning.