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ST/U10.3.11-811 SmartTouch 10 W/satin gold

Data Sheet:

Freely programmable Touch panel featuring a 10-inch IPS screen with 1280*800 resolution that combines smart home automation and door communication in one device for residential applications, hotels, and commercial buildings. SmartTouch 10 offers home control and monitoring of the free@home, or KNX system and the fully integrated functions of ABB Welcome®. Control, observe and manage your entire installation on one device: Switching - Dimming - Slider - Blind - RGBW control element - Step switch - Scene switch - Display element - Audio control element. With scene function, logic functions, presence simulation and time programs. SmartTouch® 10” can also be used as an end device for communication with the ABB-Welcome outdoor stations, and as part of the ABB-Welcome door communication system. Functions KNX: - A total of 450 control elements are displayed on a maximum of 25 pages. - 80 fault and alarm messages - 30 logic functions - 40 timers - presence simulation for 20 participants - 10 scene actuators - 3 object RTC - Equipped with a hearing loop for coupling the audio signal into hearing aids - Page display with a maximum of 18 touch surfaces on one page free@home: - Twisted pair connection provides a single page with a maximum of 18 controls. - Alternatively, for additional control, connection via wi-fi delivers the same amount of control and features as the free@home App. Welcome: - Integrated IP Gateway - Possibility to integrate ONVIF IP cameras External power supply: 20-32 VDC (SELV) or via the ABB-Welcome system controller (Consumer units: 14). Display size: 25,4cm (10”): Display resolution: 1280*800 : Display screen: IPS display Dimensions (L x W x D): (180.2mm x 254.6mm x 17.5mm) Flush or wall mounted, mount for desktop installation. Flush mounted with the flush mounting box and for the surface mount or destop installation a surface mounting frame is required. The flat design slim real metal frame sits almost flush with the wall (14mm) and is available in 4 colours (stainless steel, anthracite, gold and rose gold) and black or white glass.