My parts list/tender specifications

6351/08-825 Upper end strip, RTC

Data Sheet:

Top end strip for installation on 1gang to 3gang support frame (6346/10-101, 6346/11-101 und 6346/12-101). 10 freely programmable IR channels (blue and/or white) For heating and cooling (PI, PWM or 2-point). For control of up to 5-level ventilation actuators. With manual adjustment of fan levels. Master/slave configuration. With base-load operation. Display of up to 17 functions as text and/or icon. Only in connection with 1-gang rotary control element (6341-xxx-101) and 3-gang control element (6342-xxx-101) possible. Incl. 10 logic channels (light scene actuator, sequence actuator, logic gates, etc.). Class of temperature controller 1 Contribution to space heating energy efficiency 1,0%.