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Keypad white - Busch-balance SI

Data Sheet:

Freely configurable multifunction keypad 1- up to 4-fold with acoustic feedback. Communication over separat bus coupler unit (KNX: BA/U1.0.xx, free@home: BAU-F-0.xx). Operation via tapping or swiping of the parametrized functions, e.g., switching, dimming, blind / shutter control, scene. - Primary function - Integrated temperature sensor - Buzzer for acoustic feedback - Support of functions/status through innovative RGB light guide concept - Day/night mode - Orientation light - Alarm function supported over light guide and acoustic feedback, e.g. 5 logic channels for KNX - Light scene actuator - Logic gates, etc. - Sequencer - Staircase function Available for the design range: - Busch-balance® SI Optional Removal protection: CSE/U0.1.xx.CK Number of bus subscribers: 1