My parts list/tender specifications

SCHUKO® USB-Socket insert Without imprint Safety Shutter Protective contact (SCHUKO) with USB AC studio white matt - Busch-art linear

Data Sheet:

SCHUKO®/USB A&C socket outlet With screwless terminals. For connecting electric loads. For supply and support of mobile devices via USB-cable. Simultaneous charging via USB connection and use of the SCHUKO® socket outlet. With 1x USB type A and 1x USB type C outputs. Support of loading protocol on the USB-A connection: Apple MFI with 2.4 A and BC 1.2 with 1.5 A. Support of loading protocol on the USB-C connection: USB-PD till 3 A, Apple MFI till 2.4 A and BC 1.2 with 1.5 A. With electronic short-circuit protection. With electronic overload protection. USB-A port: Max. current 2.4 A. USB-C port: Max. current 3 A* *3 A requires approved charging cables. Connecting terminals approved in accordance with VDE 0620-1 as connectors. No data transfer between USB ports. Use dust cover 2098 for USB-A port when cleaning the device.