MAN-Gymnasium, Dresden

An old high school with modern systems technology.

The school building was renovated according to energy-related considerations.

An exemplary energy-related renovation was implemented in the MAN-Gymnasium also in the technical facilities and electrical installations. This is the first success in the region to also use the components of lighting control, especially the Busch-Jaeger presence detector, for occupancy-dependent heating control in the individual classrooms.


For years now this occupancy-dependent individual room control has been recommended for energy-related renovation in accordance with EnEV (energy saving ordinance) and has been scientifically proven by Professor Dr. Ing. Manfred Mevenkamp, Hochschule Bremen.


The fact that efficiently used lighting components can also be used for the aesthetic design of architecture has been demonstrated in the historic building of Hans Erlwein.


Integrated products from Busch-Jaeger:


Presence detector of the Busch-Watchdog range