Bauhaus, Dessau

An interpretation with the means of contemporary architecture.

The Berlin office of Bruno Fioretti Marquez constructed the new Masters' Houses Gropius and Moholy-Nagy in Dessau.

The Director's House and Moholy-Nagy House are actually known only from historic documents: Drawings, plans, models and photos. The Berlin architectural office of Bruno Fioretti Marquez in the spring of 2010 impressed with a concept that deals with the topic of remembering. They did not give priority to the reconstruction of the Bauhaus icons but to an interpretation with the means of contemporary architecture.


Reconstruction was also not an alternative for the architects from Italy and Argentine because not only would the differences of the architectural origins be blurred, but, as is the case with every copy, the legitimacy of the originals would have been called into question. The principle of uncertainty as an unavoidable component of remembering became the architectural principle. Their design intends to meet the task of a repair by means of the reproduction of the shell of the predecessor buildings. The choice of materials and the drastic reduction of detail will aid the visitor in its recognition.


A shell of poured concrete with inset windows surrounds a plastic "artefact" which outlines the original interior structural division of the houses in a fragmentary fashion. The reduction of the house into two elements allows for multi-layer reading. It is to be understood as a stimulus to complete the picture of the house in ones thoughts while at the same time developing an independent composition, an impression between a massive shell and lightweight installation.


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