Residence, Würzburg

Symbiosis of art and technology.

The famous ceiling fresco in the Würzburg Residence is shown to its best advantage with the lighting technology from Busch-Jaeger.

A truly imperial sight greets the visitor when entering the stairwell of the Würzburg Residence: Soon after coming from the cool, flat vestibule, the height of the room and its brightness are striking. Along the white steps, your attention is drawn over the landing and up to the breathtaking ceiling with its Italian fresco. Where Kings and Emperors once stood, today the public delight in the splendid rooms. A special highlight is the ceiling fresco by the Venetian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, which was lavishly restored between 2003 and 2006. This unique eye-catching feature is enhanced by the sophisticated lighting based on the innovative building systems technology from Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH.


Specially developed illuminations and incandescent lamps show both the stairwell and the artwork in the right light. That art and technology complement each other in a special symbiotic manner is proven by the building systems technology from Busch-Jaeger. The elegant SMARTtouch from the Lüdenscheid-based market leader in the area of electronic installation technology blends in discreetly with the historical surroundings. From there, the lighting can be controlled on the stairs to the "White Room". In addition to the automatic light control by means of signals from a weather station, it is also possible to individually control the lighting intensity. This proves to be useful, in particular, for official receptions and bigger events because a festive ambience also requires the appropriate lighting. With this sophisticated Busch-Jaeger technology, the lighting, in addition to a variety of other building functions, can be adjusted easily and quickly to suit the respective situation.In the Würzburg Residence, history and modern technology have thus combined to create an overall effect, which leaves lasting impressions on its many visitors.


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