smart home systems

System overview_

Intelligently networked, smart home technology makes life easier. Our Smarter Home solutions fit naturally into your everyday life and create a new dimension in living comfort, security and energy efficiency. Discover all our systems at a glance here.

  1. 1 Smart room control
  2. 2 Smart home control
  3. 3 Building control KNX standard
  4. 4 Access control
  5. 5 Doorcommunication
  6. 6 Door communication IP technology

Busch-free@home flex®

Room control easier than ever

Busch-free@home® flex makes intelligent room control easier than ever and expands the range of the Busch-free@home® system with a room control variant that can be easily set up and controlled via the Bluetooth connection of the smartphone or tablet.


Your home becomes smart

If you network your home, you make your life easier: blinds, light, heating, air conditioning or door communication can be easily controlled with Busch-free@home® and regulated according to your personal wishes. Busch-free@home® opens up intelligent networking for new buildings and renovation projects.

KNX standard

Your house speaks one language, your language

With KNX, you determine what your house should do for you. The system for intelligent building networking integrates the operation of audio, video and household devices in addition to powerful home control. Smart Home KNX is standardized and also therefore a future-proof investment decision.


Comfort plus control

Modern access control via digital locking cylinders combines uncompromising convenience with maximum security - and is thus the optimum solution for private and commercial requirements.


Your smart gatekeeper for a secure home

The door communication system Busch-Welcome® complements the Smart Home systems from Busch-Jaeger with a variety of solutions for the entrance area of your home and ensures comfort, security and energy efficiency. It can be controlled both as a stand-alone solution and with Busch-free@home® and KNX.

Busch-Welcome® IP

Access control for your front door

With Busch-Welcome® IP, access control for your smart home or commercial premises becomes simple and convenient. Thanks to IP technology, residents and guests can communicate with each other via different stations: From outside, inside or remotely.