Intelligent door communication

The Busch-Welcome®door communication system complements Busch-Jaeger's smart home systems: A wide range of solutions for the entrance area of ​​your home ensure comfort, security and energy efficiency. Busch-Welcome® can be controlled as a stand-alone solution and with Busch-free@home® and KNX.



Smart door communication


Our door communication system Busch-Welcome® is available as an individual solution, but can also be flexibly combined with Busch-free@home® or KNX. The diverse indoor and outdoor solutions ensure more security and comfort around your front door.

Building type

  • Apartment
  • House




  • Camera surveillance
  • Door communication


Age of the property

  • New building
  • Holdings
  • Renovation


  • Panel
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

Further features of Busch-Welcome®

Talk. Listen. See.

  • Two variants: Pure audio version or comfortable video version
  • Optimal intelligibility through hands-free function and noise suppression
  • High-quality colour camera with extra-wide field of view
  • Individual adjustability to any house environment
  • Easy installation on all buildings: surface-mounted or flush-mounted
  • High protection against unauthorised access

Different applications

  • For every type of building the optimal door communication
  • Without great installation effort due to the 2-wire bus technology
  • Stets with high-quality and carefully coordinated materials
  • With the three access control modules transponder, keyboard and fingerprint Busch-Jaeger presents an interesting solution for residential or functional buildings

Busch-Welcome® App

  • Free available in App- or Play-Store
  • Direct forwarding of door calls to your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Recording of missed visitors with image and date

Busch-Welcome® Indoor video station 12.6 cm (5")

Always ready to talk

  • Portrait 5" Touchscreen
  • Clear sound, functional design
  • Best voice connection through full duplex operation and noise reduction
  • Intuitive operation through  large DeepL access keys
  • can be individually integrated into any design through three timeless colour variants
  • suitable for many Busch-Jaeger switch series
  • surface or flush-mounted mounting
  • proven 2-wire technology
  • the new indoor station video is suitable for retrofitting as well as for new construction projects

Busch-Welcome® Indoor video station 17,8 cm (7")

Design for eyes and ears

  • High resolution XXL touch screen display with unique 17,8 centimeters (7") diagonal
  • Pictures possible during conversation
  • Intuitive operation via six DeepL access keys
  • Comprehends perfectly with light switches and sockets
  • Hands-free function and noise suppression for clear sound
  • Fast orientation even in the dark: Call acceptance, door opener, muting and corridor lighting simply controlled via the central pane of the illuminated display
  • Suitable for initial use in new buildings as well as for subsequent integration when modernising any type of property

Entering without a key

  • Comfortable and safe method for entering buildings
  • Access control modules for the outstation
  • Transponder, keyboard and fingerprint for residential or functional buildings
  • Settings, e.g. access authorisations, possible directly on the module
  • Separate key cards available for the transponder module
  • Door opening via PIN code entry
  • Direct ringing of a specific apartment bell in an apartment building

IP-Gateway, App & Web

Mobility for home

  • Remote access via the Internet via IP gateway, myBUSCH-JAEGER portal and the Busch-Welcome® App
  • Push notifications to mobile devices for "missed calls"
  • No special settings for the Internet router
  • Linkings of devices in the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal

Connection to Busch-free@home®

  • Simple connection through Busch-free@home® Panel: Bus connection for both systems
  • Clear and central operation with the control panel
  • Control of Busch-free@home® and a Busch-Welcome® door communication system possible

Integration into myRENZbox

The display of the myRENZbox can be easily integrated into Busch-Welcome®. It takes over the function of the (digital) bell buttons. Accordingly, no further physical bell buttons need to be installed on the myRENZbox.


The Busch-free@home®, Busch-Welcome® and Busch-AccessControl systems work hand in hand with each other and fall under the Busch-ECO-System. Together they offer a holistic answer to the question of modern Smart Home Management.