Busch-free@home® flex

Room control, easier than ever before

With Busch-free@home® flex, smart control of your rooms has never been easier.

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Flexible possibilities for any home_

Your start into the Smarter Home: With Busch-free@home® flex you create the basis for smart individual control of light or blinds. Instead of pulling on blind tapes, for example, you can control your blinds simply by pressing a button and save different shading positions thanks to intelligent technology.
And if you prefer to control and configure the functions via app, Busch-free@home® flex offers the wireless upgrade - without huge modifications. This makes intelligent room control smarter and easier than ever before.

Discover the advantages of Busch-free@home® flex

The start into a Smart Home

A single room and only light control? Possibly linking to a hallway at a later date? Individual products, rooms or the entire system can be easily expanded or adapted. And thanks to wireless networking, your walls remain undamaged - everything stays in the flush-mounted box.

Flexibly expandable

Replace the light switch with a smart flush-mounted motion detector without much effort? No problem. All inserts and operating elements of Busch-free@home® flex can be individually combined and flexibly expanded.

Comfortable control

With the app, you can adapt the settings of your Busch-free@home® flex devices to your needs - whether you use an iPhone or rely on Android. Our operating concept guarantees simple configuration and uncomplicated control.

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Various expansion stages

Our solutions are not only technically, but also visually tailored to your needs: the control elements are available in different switch designs.

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Various expansion stages

Busch-flexTronics® – Stand-alone control

Manual stand-alone operation already includes everything needed for later expansion to smart stand-alone control.

» Stand-alone operation
» Familiar operation as with a conventional electronics module
» Additional features such as value / position memory for series rockers

Busch-free@home® flex – Single control

Single control via app over Bluetooth already enables digital remote control of multiple inserts.

» Stand-alone operation of the inserts
» Remote control and parameterization of the respective insert via app over Bluetooth
» Multiple deployments can be combined into one project in the app to simplify switching between devices

Busch-free@home® flex – Room control

The room control works wirelessly or wired and thus networks different inserts with each other.

» Networking of inserts via PlusWire or free@home® Wireless
» No system access point required
» Wireless networking requires myBusch-Jaeger registration (virtual system access point)

Busch-free@home® – Home control

Busch-free@home® controls the entire house - inside and outside, every room and also the outdoor area.

» Networking of inserts via PlusWire or free@home® Wireless
» Anbindung der Wireless-Bedienelemente an den Busch-free@home® System Access Point
» Full networkability with full functionality such as voice control, external access ...

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The system that grows with you

Individual requirements and needs change, but your Smart Home system remains. Because with Busch-free@home® flex, you have the option to upgrade to a complete Smart Home system at any time.

Busch-free@home® is our Smart Home solution for the entire house. With the existing hardware, the Busch-free@home® flex room control can be expanded to a complete home control.

Informationen for electricians

The new standard for flexible installations

Flexibility is the prerequisite for individuality for your customers. No matter if renovation or new building: with our flex-electronic inserts, solutions can be planned and realized flexibly, which can still be adapted exactly to any structural planning tomorrow. Now it is possible to install conventional or intelligent sensors with the same all-round insert.

The right solution for your customers

Four expansion stages, but which is the right one? The respective expansion stage depends entirely on the user's wishes.

  • If stand-alone operation with familiar operation as with a conventional electronic insert is desired, then individual operation with Busch-flexTronics® is exactly what is needed.
  • If control and parameterization of the respective insert via app using Bluetooth connection as well as networking of individual operating elements is desired, a control with Busch-free@home® flex is the right solution.


The Busch-flexTronics® control element is the classic attachment for individual operation and offers a gentle introduction to blind management and light control.

  • Thanks to Back-up Battery, settings are saved even in the event of a power failure
  • The status LED serves as an orientation light
  • Saving and activating presets and values for serial rockers

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Busch-free@home® flex

The Busch-free@home® flex control element is ideal for complete room solutions or connected smart home systems. Via Bluetooth, operation is also possible via app.

  • Easy setting of parameters via app
  • Timer with integrated astro function and timer
  • Single control through Bluetooth interface and direct connection to smartphone or tablet
  • Room control via remote control using the free@home® next App and myBusch-Jaeger account
  • Complete home control via Busch-free@home® Wireless and connection to a system access point

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A insert that stays

One element makes the difference

Practical and easy to plan. A system that enables an astonishingly large number of applications with just a few assemblies and cable cores - that's typical flex. The contemporary flat flex inserts are easy to mount, and measuring points also enable perfect service.

Flexible in installation and configuration

Commissioning and configuration of Busch-free@home® flex is done via the Busch-free@home® Next app. Thus, not only the control of the functions is super easy, but also the installation.

No training for the new system

The system is put into operation via the Busch-free@home® Next app. Thanks to the simple configuration, no training is necessary, which saves you effort, a lot of time and costs. Of course, as usual, we offer webinars on the topic of Busch-free@home® flex and Busch-free@home®.

Features auf einen Blick

Fine wire protection:
safe and fast connection of flexible and rigid cores

Flat construction:
With only 25 mm, there is plenty of space for cables and terminals

the modern extension operation with even more possibilities

Adaptable support ring:
compensates for minor unevenness during assembly

Unified interface:
between sensor and actuator offer many flexible combination options