Making home automation easier than ever

Those who network their homes make their life easier: Blinds, light, heating, air conditioning or door communication are easy to control and can be regulated to your personal requirements with Busch-free@home®.

smart home automation


Our smart house control is ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. You can use the various functions individually or combine them with other application scenarios. This means that you determine the type and number of functions that you want to intelligently control yourself.

Building type

  • Apartment
  • House




  • Switch
  • Panel
  • Voice Control
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Web Interface

Age of the property

  • New building
  • Holdings
  • Renovation


  • Everything-off function
  • Presence simulation
  • Window monitoring
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • Blind control
  • Video surveillance
  • Individual scenes
  • Light control
  • Panic switch
  • Sound
  • Door communication
  • Weather station
  • Home appliance
  • Smoke detector
  • Alarm system
  • Astrofunction
  • Timer

More features of Busch-free@home®

Ideal for residential construction

  • Single-family houses, apartment buildings, flats
  • Suitable for new buildings, renovations and refurbishments
  • Small and elegant designs
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Intuitive operability

Diverse applications

  • Blind-, light-, heating and climate control
  • Door communication seamlessly integrated with
  • Individual Astro- and time programs
  • Personal scenes to combine functions
  • Integration of cooperation partners
  • Presence simulation
  • Everything-off function
  • Automatic draft shield
  • Remote access

Everything-off function

  • Switch off all devices simultaneously
  • Without complex programming, as pre-programmed

System Access Point 2.0

Heart of the smart home system

  • Visualization for Busch-free@home®
  • Commissioning interface for all third-party and Busch-Jaeger systems as well as cloud services
  • Greater connectivity in the smart home
  • Several mounting options: table top with rubber feet, wall mounting, DIN rail mounting
  • eExternal power supply


The Busch-free@home®, Busch-Welcome and Busch-AccessControl systems work hand in hand with each other and fall under the BuschECO-System. Together they offer a holistic answer to the question of modern Smart Home Management.

Discover more Smart Home

Further integrations

External suppliers of products and services that have integrated the interface to Busch-free@home®.


Use Olisto to create real-time connections between multiple devices, applications and services.


Remote access

The remote access makes possible the comfortable and mobile access to your Busch-free@home® system. With the remote access you can receive information about your home while travelling and you can also control it.

The remote access is very easy and safe to set up via myABB-LivingSpace or myBUSCH-JAEGER. The remote access is also retained when changing to a different Internet provider or when changing the WLAN router. You need to make no settings on your WLAN router, nor have IP know-how. BUSCH-JAEGER is responsible for the availability of your remote access.

Prerequisite for the use of the remote access is the installation of the iOS or Android Busch-ControlTouch app, available free of charge at the respective shops.

A subscription of the remote access includes up to 10 devices.

A subscription with a contractual period of 30 days is concluded. The contractual period extends automatically by the same period. The subscription can be cancelled at any time within the contractual period of 30 days. The subscription costs € 2.49 per 30 days. 

Busch-free@home® is now VDE-certified

Intelligent home control has never been so simple - and above all safe

Both the cabled and the wireless components of Busch-free@home®, the Busch-free@home® app of the iOS and Android version, and the remote access via myABB-LivingSpace have been tested by the VDE with regard to the security of information and have passed it as being secure. This enables users to enjoy the entire diversity of the Smart Home functions – even when travelling.