Comfortable safety

ABB-VideoControl combines user-friendliness with maximum safety.

More flexibility


Thanks to IP connectivity ABBVideoControl operates as a stand-alone surveillance system or as part of larger building systems. The local and online video storage cares for flexibility in case of changing requirements. Using the MyBuildings portal powered by ABB Ability, you benefit from a secure cloud storage service for remote access.

Building type

  • Apartment
  • House
  • Commercial buildings


Age of the property

  • New building
  • Renovation


  • Video surveillance
  • Door communication

Further features of ABB-VideoControl

Versatile fields of application

  • Single-family and high-rise buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial buildings and facilities
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and retirement homes

Flexible application possibilities

  • Outside monitoring
  • Inside monitoring
  • Remote monitoring

For secure recording

  • Encrypted IP communication
  • Management via NVR around the clock
  • Video surveillance with remote control


The IP-based systems ABB-VideoControl, ABB-AccessControl and ABB-Welcome IP combine a variety of advantages