Building systems engineering KNX

Multifaceted smart home control

With KNX you determine what your building should do. As a worldwide standard, the system is very powerful, flexible and expandable. The ideal solution for larger residential or functional buildings.

Smart building system technology

Busch-Installationsbus® KNX

KNX is particularly suitable as a new construction solution for industrial, commercial or residential buildings. As a worldwide standard, KNX is particularly powerful and expandable and can be flexibly adapted: The system offers a constantly growing variety of modules and can therefore be extended without limits. All functions of the  intelligent building test control can - now and in the future - be easily adapted to different requirements.

Building type

  • Apartment
  • House




  • Switch
  • Panel
  • Voice Control
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Web Interface
  • Apple watch

Age of the property

  • New building
  • Renovation



  • Everything-off function
  • Presence simulation
  • Window monitoring
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • Blind control
  • Video surveillance
  • Comfort scenes
  • Light control
  • Panic switch
  • Solar
  • Sound
  • Door communication
  • TV
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Weather station


Further features of Busch-Installationsbus® KNX

Ideal for functional buildings

  • Worldwide standard
  • Complete solution with the possibility of connection to HVAC system
  • Almost limitless expandable
  • Contains the entire spectrum of functions in today's buildings
  • Constantly growing variety of modules
  • Functions can be defined step-by-step
  • Future-proof investment
  • Numerous control elements

Unlimited possibilities

  • Light and blind control
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning control
  • Security and alarm functions
  • Optimised energy management
  • Door communication seamlessly integrated
  • Integration of audio, video or household appliances

KNX sensors

Your building thinks with

  • Various switch designs possible
  • Individual configuration of Busch-tacteo® glass sensors
  • Available as single, double rocker, dimmer or motion detector
  • Can be assigned to all applications


 The individual touch

  • capacitive sensor made of glass
  • Individual configuration of functionsy
  • Extra flat design
  • unique in function and design
  • Special hotel applications with and without access control available


Talk to the KNX system

  • First certified voice control for KNX building automation as DIN rail-mounted device
  • Compatible with speech assistants from Amazon, Google and Apple
  • >Control of up to 150 building functions


HLK application for up to 30 percent more energy efficiency

  • For small to medium-sized functional buildings
  • KNX-based automation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Meets energy efficiency class A of EU standard EN 15232


Control panel for highest demands

  • Free programmable IP/KNX touch display
  • Connection of building system technology, Home entertainment and IP-based communication
  • Internal station for the Busch-Welcome® door communication system
  • With a closed capacitive glass surface and a design strip made of brushed stainless steel
  • With integrated camera
  • Easy operation via intuitive navigation concept


One device for two systems

  • Free programmable KNX touch display as cross-room control, signalling and monitoring unit
  • indoor station for the Busch-Welcome® door communication system
  • KNX standard functions: Switching, dimming, slider control, blind, RGBW control element, step switch, scene switch, display element, audio control element
  • With scene function, logic functions, presence simulation and time programs

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Reliable partnerships

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The intelligent connection between the Smart Home devices from Busch-Jaeger and the multi-room sound system for music, films and TV from Sonos turns the entire room into an audio system.

Busch-Jaeger and Philips give the illumination of the Smart Home new impulses with innovative technical developments. Here the focus is on linking the light control with LED lamps.

The globally recognized manufacturer of high-end components for entertainment electronics Bang&Olufsen and Busch-Jaeger combine building control with home entertainment.

Busch-Jaeger together with Miele, the premium brand for kitchen appliances, integrates the building systems technology for the intelligent house also into the world of home and built-in devices.