Alert, as soon as something moves

Movement detectors


Door communication

Your smart doorkeeper

Our Smart Home door communication offers you safe and versatile indoor and outdoor solutions for access to your living area. Aside from audio and video systems, also keyless access control via PIN code, transponder modules or fingerprint scan complement our product range.

Weather station

Storms become uninteresting

Our weather station detects temperature, wind speed and rain. As soon as a storm starts the blinds move up automatically. This makes buckled lamella or broken window panes a thing of the past. If a roof window is open, the system can send a message to the smartphone or tablet of the user.

Presence simulation

Perfect presence simulation

Leave your home with a good feeling. The system is able to authentically simulate your presence – to deter uninvited guests. Roller blinds go up in the mornings, the lights go on in the evenings, the television switches on and off – the possibilities are almost limitless.

Movement detectors

Your reliable watchdog

Our innovative Smart Home movement detectors can at all times see what is happening in the vicinity. As soon as something moves, the outdoor lighting switches on automatically. A suitable solution is also available for indoor areas.

Panic switch

Good feeling at the press of a button

An unusual noise in the middle of the night? With just a press of the button you can switch on the panic illumination and all lights in the house and in the garden go on simultaneously. When everything is brightly illuminated you immediately get a better feeling and uninvited guests are put to flight.

Overvoltage protection

Relaxed despite lightning flashes and current peaks

Lightning strokes or network disruptions can cause heavy damage to TV, video and hi-fi systems. Busch-Jaeger protects your electronic devices effectively against overvoltage.

Window monitoring

No opportunity for uninvited guests

A constant overview of all windows - The ABB-free@home® window sensor transfers the current position of the window handle and transmits the information whether the window is closed via radio control. This is how it offers you optimum protection against unauthorized access.

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