Lighting design with DIALux.

A software by planners for planners.

DIALux. The free complete software from DIAL for professional lighting design. Used by several hundred thousand lighting design engineers around the world.

Create your virtual worlds with consummate ease and intuitively with DIALux. Document the results of your lighting design in breathtakingly photorealistic visualizations. Create thrills with artful and daylight scenarios through which your clients can float via fast-moving camera trips. Build on the CAD data of other architectural programs and comfortably export your results back again. Or use any 3D models from the Internet - with consummate ease.
While you are in the process of creatively planning, DIALux incidentally ascertains the energy requirements for your lighting solutions and supports you in adhering to valid national and international guidelines. 
The DIALux plug-in from Busch-Jaeger functions as electronic catalogue with which it is very easy to locate available products and implement them in the planning process. The products include all technical data for your planning process and also make their placement in the project easy for you.

Download DIALux Software