puls is the architectural magazine published since 2008 by Busch-Jaeger, the market leader in electrical installation technology.

puls portrays the dynamics and the movement which is currently shaping architecture and turns it into an increasingly exciting and interesting field. Innovation in the sector of "sustainable building" is given special significance in the magazine.

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The issues that focus on specific topics take particular account of important global architectural trends both in word and image. The english issue appears under the title "pulse".

With this magazine Busch-Jaeger intends to share the expertise it has collected over a period of 130 years with architects, planners and designers around the world.

Busch-Jaeger is working on an intelligent, efficient and sustainable network that links people, spaces and buildings. That is why topics such as quality with tradition, technology with a human face and expertise in designing are given high priority in puls.

The magazine deals with the most varied points of view on this topic and is therefore a must for all those who see electrical installation as an integral part of architecture.

If you read puls now on your iPad, iPhone or iPod while your are on the go, you will enjoy additional picture galleries and information about products. Benefit also from the links inside the magazine.

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