The Busch-Watchdog remote control app from Busch-Jaeger.

As from now you can remote control and program the new generation Busch presence detectors with integrated Bluetooth interface via your smartphone and tablet with the new Busch-Jaeger app. Basically the following functions can be adjusted:

  • Selection of the presence detectors to be controlled via the device overview with field strength display and quick identification button
  • Switchover of function views: Installer/user
  • Direct switching/dimming of the connected lamp
  • Utilization of the display for energy costs
  • Activation of presence simulation, illumination of grounds and night light
  • Activation of continuous light (4 hours) or light OFF (for 4 hours)
  • Setting of device names and parameters
  • Creating authorizations for the user
  • Adjusting the sensitivity of the individual sensors
  • Administering device data and profiles offline
  • Over the myBusch-Jaeger Portal: securing / synchronizing data

»  Now available free of charge for smartphones and tablets in the App Store and in the Play Store!