The remote Busch-Radio iNet app.

The app serves to easily operate a Busch-iNet Radio via your mobile device.

»  Now available free of charge for smartphones and tablets in the App Store and in the Play Store!


  • Selection of the radio to be operated
  • Operating the radio with regard to ON/OFF, adjusting the volume, mute, changing the station
  • Selection of music source: Favourites / tuneIn / UPnP / AUX
  • Setting favourites (stars) within tuneIn
  • Managing the alarm clock: Selecting 5 different alarm times, switching the alarm clock ON/OFF, selecting the alarm signal (beep / radio)
  • Setting the device: Renaming favourites, editing the URL of the radio station, resorting favourites


  • The Busch-Radio iNet must be integrated via the WLAN into your home network (WLAN). If the Busch-Radio iNet is located as premium in a different mode, e.g. ECO, the radio must be switched on before it is operated. The remote iNet app can be used when you have activated the remote function on the configuration page of the iNet radio under App-Support. You access the configuration via a browser at hier-steht-ihre-radio-ip/app.shtml. The IP address of your radio is displayed in the Information menu of the device.
  • If your mobile device with the installed app is located in the same home network (WLAN) as the Busch-Radio iNet, you can select the radio in the app and use the operating and setting functions.

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