The 3D LiveView App from Busch-Jaeger.

The new augmented reality app enables you to view the ABB Smart Buildings’ portfolio live in 3D in your own home.

The further development of the already well-known light switch app works on the same principle and with the same tracking motive, but brings some decisive advantages. On the one hand, the app now includes both the classic range of switches, but also products from ABB-free@home, ABB i-bus KNX and ABB-Welcome. Thus, the user has an app for the entire portfolio.

As a new highlight, the app also allows you to project your individual ABB-tacteo designs onto the wall. To do this you have to register via the app in the MyBuildings portal. Shortly thereafter, all your own designs that have been added to your own parts list in the ABB-tacteo configurator will be available for selection.

Even without tracking a highlight!
Should the user sometimes have no tracking motive at hand, the app can be used. If the app does not find a tracking motive after some time, it offers the user the opportunity to display the products as an image. These can then be placed on a live background or on a static background. This way, you can browse through the ABB assortment and find your favorite design.

Furthermore, the app works both online and offline, depending on what is more important to the user: the mobile data or the storage space on the phone.

»  Now available free of charge for smartphones and tablets in the App Store and in the Play Store!