Raises the energy efficiency by up to 30 percent.

Busch-Jaeger banks on continuous innovation in the area of intelligent building automation and extends its offer with the ClimaECO* system for KNX-based automation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC). With the combination of newly developed products and the existing ABB i-bus® KNX  system, the ClimaECO offers a holistic automation solution for HVAC applications in modern buildings, from primary HVAC systems and up to individual room temperature control.

ClimaECO was developed to improve the energy efficiency in small and medium-sized functional buildings by up to 30 percent and meets the requirements of energy efficiency class A of EU Standard EN 15232. A series of freely programmable and preconfigured application-specific devices can be easily added to existing KNX systems. This makes ClimaECO a time-efficient solution which reduces the expenditure associated with planning, integration and maintenance. 

Starting from the automation and control of heating and cooling systems and up to room automation, ClimaECO simplifies the implementation of intelligent automation in modern buildings and makes it more economical and convenient. With this series of products ABB extends the portfolio for KNX system integrators and KNX installation companies also for the HVAC sector.

A uniform automation solution.

Based on the ABB i-bus® KNX, with which all devices communicate with each other via a single bus cable that is installed next to the normal power lines, ClimaECO is designed as an open system. The installed BACnet interface is configured automatically to enable the ClimaECO to be integrated smoothly into the existing building management system. ClimaECO is the most comprehensive KNX-based HVAC automation portfolio on the market. With the highest level of user-specific system management control systems and a large selection of programmable local operating devices it is ideally suited for intelligent building management.

Model versions.


Room temperature controller with 6gang operating function


Room temperature controller with 10gang operating function


Control element 8gang


Control element 12gang