Talk to the KNX system.

ABB introduces the first certified voice control system for building automation on the market which is compatible with all three major suppliers of speech assistants.

Voice control is one of the fastest growing areas in the Smart-Home and Smart-Building sector. For ABB the operation of building automation via voice commands is one of the smartest aids offered on the market. For this reason the market leader for electrical installation technology has now, with the Busch-VoiceControl® KNX, a new product in its range that is compatible with the voice-controlled devices of the three major market leaders: Echo (Amazon), Home (Google) and HomeKit (Apple).

Busch-VoiceControl® KNX can control up to 150 building functions, which, among others, includes lighting, heating and blinds. Thanks to the modular DIN-Rail components, this makes it possible to be informed about the current values of room temperature, intensity of light and also humidity. And, due to the integration of presence detectors, it also detects every movement and the presence of someone in the building. It is configured via the safe and easy-to-operate myABB-LivingSpace Internet portal. Defining functions and connecting them with the speech assistants of the desired supplier - and ready for action.

  • Compatible with Echo (Amazon), Home (Google) and HomeKit (Apple)
  • The first certified KNX device for interoperability with the three suppliers of speech assistants
  • Up to 150 building functions can be activated
  • Easy and safe to configure via the myABB-LivingSpace Internet portal

Busch-VoiceControl® KNX functions as a link to Amazon Echo, Google Home or the HomeKit devices of Apple. Many other products only interact with one of these three suppliers. Busch-VoiceControl® KNX is the first certified KNX device that can be used simultaneously with all three. With it, the user can control numerous functions, such as switching the lighting on and off, dimming, activating the darkening of the windows or the adjusting of thermostats.