Control centre for the highest standards.

The Busch-ComfortTouch® unites the functions of building control and an information and entertainment centre with a beautiful masterpiece. With the Busch-ComfortTouch®, you can switch or dim the lights, control your Venetian blinds, regulate the ambient temperatures, or control scenes from a combination of the abovementioned functions – even by remote control. You increase the safety of your home with presence simulation and alarm or information messages.

And if you want to know who is at the door or outside the house, then switch the camera to exterior view and you will immediately feel secure. You can also use an audio player for MP3 files and a video player to play films.You can leave voice and graphic messages for other family members, access e-mails, track up-to-date stock market news, have a look at the weather or the latest traffic reports or simply set a wake-up alarm. And all this with an intuitive touch control, supported by a novel colour coding system.

Comfort due to size.

The Busch-ComfortTouch® is available in two sizes: 9" (22.86 cm) or 12.1" (30.73 cm).

Intelligent sound with Sonos multi-room control.

The borders between building systems technology, home entertainment and IP-based communication are dissolved with the Busch-ComfortTouch®. For, example, Busch-Jaeger offers the option of integrating the Sonos sound system into the KNX control. Here the Busch-ComfortTouch® acts as gateway between the KNX and the Sonos loudspeaker system. Via the user interface of the Busch-ComfortTouch® the user can play music and stop playing it, jump directly back to his favourite piece or adjust the volume. The Busch-ComfortTouch® displays the title, the artist and name of the album. The Sonos sound system can also be comfortably integrated in a scene. Then, for a pleasant evening, colourful music sounds automatically from the loudspeakers while the lights are dimmed and the blinds are lowered. For additional safety, the system can also be linked for fault and alarm messages. And the rocker of a KNX switch can be used to switch music on and off and adjust the volume up or down.

Overview of colours.

Navigation with slide function.

The intelligent Busch-ComfortTouch® is especially easy and comfortable to operate. The menu structure has been further optimized ergonomically. It now offers the practical slide function, the popular swiping motion with the fingers on the monitor of mobile terminal devices. This allows you to control the easy-to-view, colour touch displays - with a 9" or 12" screen diagonal - just as fast and easily as those popular on the smartphone and tablet. This makes navigating from function to function even easier, more natural and intuitive.

The operating surface.

The versatile Busch-ComfortTouch® units combine the functions of modern building control with infotainment and entertainment functions. The user operating surfaces are designed to provide a clear overview and can be operated intuitively with a swiping motion of the fingers. The examples shown here are representative for the numerous operating options for all areas of the building.

The practical app.

The Busch-ComfortTouch® can be operated not only in the house. The convenient Busch-ComfortTouch app makes control fully independent. It turns modern digital media such as the smartphone and tablet into a mobile remote control for the entire home automation. This allows the entire building functions to be controlled and monitored via the Busch-ComfortTouch® 9 and Busch-ComfortTouch® 12.1. Also personal settings can be stored in the app and called up when required. What is of particular interest is that you can take photos of the rooms in your home with the smartphone and store them in the Busch-ComfortTouch®. The Busch-ComfortTouch app is available in the Apple store and the Google Play Store.

Link to Busch-ComfortTouch App

Busch-ComfortPanel® 9".

Busch-ComfortPanel® 12,1".