Looking out with a feeling of comfort.

With the ABB-WelcomeTouch one can see everything that happens before the front door. The camera image appears automatically at an incoming call. And the high-resolution XXL touch display with a unique 17.8 cm (7") diagonal screen, displays every single detail at the front door. During the conversation photos can be taken. And in absence mode three pictures are taken automatically of each visitor at intervals of three, five and seven seconds for security reasons each time the bell is rung. Intuitive operation is carried out via six easy operation keys. This allows door opener, mute function and hall light to be controlled directly.

ABB-Welcome is ideal for use in new buildings as well as the later integration during the modernization of all types of real estate. Due to the innovative 2-wire bus technology it can be installed easily and quickly by just one person.

Overview of colours.



Magnificent views.

Behind the front door. The high-resolution XXL touch display with a 17.8 cm (7") diagonal screen, displays hitherto hidden details at the front door.

Simple operation.

Everything is self-explanatory. It can be operated fast via the high-resolution touch display with six easy to understand operation keys. They are used, among others, to directly and safely control door opener, mute function and hall light. This makes the ABB-WelcomeTouch a reliable system for all living phases.


If required, it remembers everything. For the continuous monitoring of the home all pictures of visitors are stored and archived on the ABB-WelcomeTouch. Either spontaneously during the conversation or automatically with three pictures after the bell is rung during absence.

Digital picture frame.

For the favourite pictures on the wall. Always when the ABB-WelcomeTouch is not being used. With a commercially available SD card you can additionally display high-resolution files from the computer or camera directly on the touch display.

Control via app.

Everything under control from the sofa. Because the ABB-Welcome App brings door communication to the smartphone or tablet. For even more comfort and safety. No matter where you are, you can see and identify every visitor at a glance, allow him to enter and welcome him. Functions only with the ABB-Welcome IP gateway at a charge.

Link to ABB-Welcome App

Welcome-3D App.

Impressive visualization in Busch-Jaeger products with augmented reality in the area of door communication. For the first time the user can seemingly merge the ABB-Welcome products in his home with reality.

Link to Welcome-3D App

The ABB-Welcome Configurator.

Modern door communication - modern planning. The online tool provides a quick planning incl. wiring diagram, overall connection plan and illustrated parts list.

Link to ABB-Welcome Configurator

  • 17.8 cm (7"") colour display with intuitive touch control
  • High-quality TFT colour touch display with a resolution of 800 x 480 (WVGA)
  • Automatic activation of the camera image at an incoming door call
  • Three pictures of the visitor are automatically taken and stored in the events memory
  • Manual recording of pictures possible at all times during communication
  • Events memory: the user is informed who rang the doorbell and when
  • Electronic picture frame selectable in standby mode
  • Hands-free function with interference and echo suppression for clear communication
  • Six easy operation keys for the basic functions of: communication, opening the door, mute function, switching lights, snapshot and settings
  • Different bell tones for door-call and floor-call
  • Five different bell sounds for selection
  • Monitoring barrier
  • Five-stage adjustable volume
  • Automatic door opening function, opens the door when the doorbell button is actuated
  • Power supply and data transmission via the 2-wire bus. Additional wiring with the indoor station for auxiliary power is not required.