ABB-Welcome telephone gateway

Communicative. The telephone as door opener.

Via a connection of the ABB-Welcome telephone gateway to a telephone exchange the door calls are transferred to the telephones that are connected to it. Also a call forwarding function to other official telephone exchange connections or mobile telephones is possible.

The ABB-Welcome telephone gateway can supplement the function of an ABB-Welcome indoor station and accept door calls. If the telephone gateway is connected to a telephone exchange, all telephones connected to it can be used for door communication, independent of whether they are analogue, DECT, ISDN or IP telephones. If the telephone gateway is connected to a fixed connection, any number of telephone connections can be addressed via the public telephone network, the same as in the case of the telephone exchange. This enables the user on the telephone to communicate with the visitor at the outdoor station, open the door or switch on the hallway lights. The telephone can also be used to call the outdoor station via the telephone gateway. ABB-Welcome indoor audio or video stations should naturally be used in parallel with the telephone gateway, to guarantee communication with the door station at all times. Programming is possible without computer. Settings can be made via DTMF button tones. With an optional telephone IP gateway, which makes additional functions available, also commissioning and configuration can be carried out comfortably via portable computer or tablet.

  • Implements the connection of the door communication to the telephone system.
  • Makes possible the connection to other subscribers via a telephone exchange with analogue connection, such as analogue telephones, DECT telephones, ISDN telephones or mobile telephones.
  • The door can be opened or the lights can be switched on via the selected telephones.
  • Optimal use due to compact construction type: only 4 MW.
  • Easy commissioning without PC possible.
  • Comfortable commissioning option via the Web interface of the IP gateway.


    ABB-Welcome outdoor video station


    ABB-Welcome system controller




    ABB-Welcome telephone gateway


    IP telephone




    DECT telephone




    Analogue telephone


    ISDN telephone

    The ABB-Welcome Configurator.

    Modern door communication - modern planning. The online tool provides a quick planning incl. wiring diagram, overall connection plan and illustrated parts list.

    Link to ABB-Welcome Configurator

    Welcome-3D App.

    Impressive visualization in Busch-Jaeger products with augmented reality in the area of door communication. For the first time the user can seemingly merge the ABB-Welcome products in his home with reality.

    Link to Welcome-3D App