ABB-Welcome Mini system controller

Size decides. When it is mini.

While the requirements for a switching system are increasing, the space is not. Here, the new system controller mini in the ABB-Welcome range is ideal because it manages all relevant controls with only six module widths. It supplies a door video station and two ABB-Welcome panels with all their audio and video functions. Also door openers and corridor lights can be switched directly. This system is especially suitable for renovations since the existing switching point can continue to be used. An efficient one-to-one replacement of old systems saves money, time and brings satisfaction to the users and electrical fitters.

Mini system controller

The system controller requires only half as much space as before. Easy exchange for renovations supports the complete audio and door communication.

Half the space - large performance.

A complete central unit, which even supports the complete door communication, everything space-saving in only six module widths, for renovations by means of a simple replacement.