ABB-Welcome IP gateway, app and myABB-LivingSpace

Mobility for the home.

With the free "Welcome for myABB-LivingSpace“ app the smartphone and tablet are turned into a mobile indoor video station for the door communication system. This makes it possible to welcome the visitor at the door not only from the sofa or the bathroom, but also from the office or hotel room. And all that easily and uncomplicated. Just one prerequisite: A Busch-Jaeger IP gateway with router connection in the home network. No special settings are required on the router since the connection between the gateway and the apps are handled via the servers of the myABB-LivingSpace portal. Several IP gateways can be assigned to the account in the myABB-LivingSpace portal.

If several users are connected to the door communication system with smartphone or tablet, different user access rights can be assigned (for example: without enabling the door opening function). This ensures a maximum degree of safety. The events memory of the system is synchronized regularly with the myABB-LivingSpace portal. When calls are received during absence, the system sends messages to the mobile devices. Pictures of visitors at the door which have been taken by the stationary ABB-Welcome system can be downloaded from the myABB-LivingSpace portal to the PC.

  • Supplement for an available indoor station.
  • Video function on the smartphone (for an available outdoor video station).
  • As an alternative you can use a DECT telephone with an Android operating system.
  • Integrating all family members economically.
  • Use in the apartment and while travelling.
  • No configuration of the router necessary. Connection via myABB-LivingSpace platform.
  • The connection can be established in both directions. Either by pressing the doorbell button to the mobile terminal devices or from the mobile terminal device to a specific outdoor station.
  • The use of the portal is free of charge.

To myABB-LivingSpace

Functions of the ABB-Welcome IP gateway.

  • Makes communication possible between the ABB-Welcome door communication and the local IP network
  • Makes possible the use of the Busch-ComfortTouch® as indoor door communication station
  • Ethernet connection (RJ-45)
  • Makes possible the use of the ABB-Welcome app

To the ABB-Welcome app

Functions of myABB-LivingSpace.

  • Receiving calls at home or away from home
  • Replaces DynDNS (makes router settings unnecessary)
  • Easy to establish the account
  • Remote access to several ABB-Welcome systems (IP gateways)
  • ABB-Welcome app runs via myABB-LivingSpace
  • Managing access profiles
  • 90 days of call history with filter function (time, activity, access)
  • Push-notification (call during absence)
  • Storage of visitors/calls also with smartphone switched off
  • Optimized video quality for mobile connections (external: reduced number of images, local: stream)

To myABB-LivingSpace


ABB-Welcome outdoor video station


ABB-Welcome system controller


IP gateway








Communicating mobile to the door within the house


Talking mobile to the door while travelling

The ABB-Welcome Configurator.

Modern door communication - modern planning. The online tool provides a quick planning incl. wiring diagram, overall connection plan and illustrated parts list.

Link to ABB-Welcome Configurator

Welcome-3D App.

Impressive visualization in Busch-Jaeger products with augmented reality in the area of door communication. For the first time the user can seemingly merge the ABB-Welcome products in his home with reality.

Link to Welcome-3D App