ABB-Welcome indoor video station

Slender portrait format. Large overview.

ABB-Welcome indoor video station. Structural boundary conditions often limit the size of door communication displays. ABB-Welcome has the solution: The 5" display in portrait format provides a lot of information and complete function in a small surface area.

The popular ABB-Welcome panel with a 7" diameter in landscape format is the first choice for many, but it's just too wide for some structural situations. For such cases, the new, more slender indoor video station with a 99-millimetre width now has a 5" display in portrait format. Due to the surface-mounted or flush-mounted installation option and the proven two-wire technology, the new indoor video station is suitable for both retrofitting and new construction projects.

Users do not have to do without the typical ABB-Welcome security functions: When speaking with the visitor, photos can be taken and saved. During absence, three pictures are taken automatically of each visitor for security reasons each time the bell is rung. The so-called inductive coupling is also helpful for people who use a hearing aid. This component is also used in museums: It sends the acoustic signal of the intercom system directly to the hearing aid of the visitor through induction loops in the floor or wall. Everything is self-explanatory: the fast and intuitive operation of the touch display and the clearly understandable easy operation keys. With these keys, door calls can be accepted and the door opener, voice control and corridor light can be controlled directly and securely: all functions in a compact form.

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Control by app.

Control everything from your sofa. Because the ABB-Welcome App brings door communication to the smartphone or tablet. For even more comfort and safety. No matter where you are, you can see and identify every visitor at a glance, allow him to enter and welcome him. Functions only with the ABB-Welcome IP gateway at a charge.
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The ABB-Welcome Configurator.

Modern door communication - modern planning. The online tool provides a quick planning incl. wiring diagram, overall connection plan and illustrated parts list.

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Welcome-3D App.

Impressive visualization in Busch-Jaeger products with augmented reality in the area of door communication. For the first time the user can seemingly merge the ABB-Welcome products in his home with reality.

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