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ABB-Welcome camera interface

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Many cameras are simply integrated into a system. Up to four camera interface modules with up to four analogue cameras each can be connected to the outdoor bus; a total of 16 cameras maximum is thus possible for outdoors. At each private apartment, a camera interface with an additional four analogue cameras can also be connected. These camera images can be viewed only from the allocated apartment and are intended as an indoor solution.

In addition, the recorded signals can be transferred to external DVR or TV systems. In parallel with the new interface, Busch-Jaeger offers three new analogue cameras: one classical video camera, one dome and one mini-dome camera.

Three different video cameras

The new camera interface of Busch-Jaeger allows the integration of an external analogue camera into an ABB-Welcome outdoor audio or video station. In this way, other visibility angles can be realised alternatively or supplementary to an integrated ABB-Welcome camera. A maximum of four camera interfaces can be connected to one ABB-Welcome system. A camera interface can process the signals of up to 15 analogue cameras. In addition, the camera interface contains an analogue video output and thus the option of forwarding the recorded signal to external devices (e.g., DVR or TV systems). Remote access to the ABB-Welcome system is also possible through the myABB-LivingSpace Internet portal using mobile terminal devices.

Retrofitting and extension

The outdoor audio station can be integrated without a problem. An additional basic module is required for integration into the outdoor video station.