Busch-Infoline® – Smoke/exhaust hood

No need to worry.

For safety in a private home the coupling of kitchen window and cooker hood is prescribed by the fireplace ordinance (FeuV § 4). Everyone knows questions like "Did I close the roof window?" or "Did I leave the cellar door open?". The answer to these questions usually requires a personal check. With Busch-Infoline® and corresponding magnetic/shutter contacts the annoying trip to the attic is no longer necessary.

To prevent an inadequate supply of fresh-air in the kitchen area during high extraction of exhaust air, a cooker hood can be coupled with a window. The cooker hood then only operates when the window is open. This counteracts an increase in CO2 concentration, such as an open fireplace in the living room, for example.

With Busch-Infoline® Busch-Jaeger has created a system that does justice to every requirement and can be ideally integrated in the switch ranges.

Switch range.

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