Busch-Infoline® – moisture/leakage indicator

Foresight is better than hindsight.

The Busch-Infoline® alarm and fault signalling system makes monitoring of undesired water leakages in kitchen or basements possible. The sensor rows guarantee comprehensive detection by means of which both a sudden and a slow formation of moisture can be detected

Moisture between the two conductor tracks of the sensor strip creates a current flow in the monitoring loop of the Busch moisture alarm insert. Starting from a threshold value of approximately 10 µA, an audible and/or visual alarm is triggered and the LED integrated in the cancel button of the Busch moisture alarm insert starts to flash.

The floating contact changes its status and optionally blocks the water supply via the relay insert and solenoid valve. The alarm signal is reset by pressing the cancel button.

However, the alarm signal remains active in the form of the permanently lit cancel button until the cause of the moisture that triggered the alarm has been removed.

With Busch-Infoline® Busch-Jaeger has created a system that does justice to every requirement and can be ideally integrated in the switch ranges.

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