System Access Point 2.0

Programmed for simplicity.

The System Access Point 2.0, the heart of the Smart Home system, is the logical evolution to meet the growing needs of intelligent consumers. The updated hardware has a sleek and sleek design that can now connect up to 150 wired and wireless devices.

Effortless light scenes can be created with Busch-free @ home® and individual time programs configured to control heating and blinds can be configured without much effort. Operation is via permanently installed switches, displays and mobile via smartphone or tablet as well as voice control.

The System Access Point 2.0 is ideal for the use of an intelligent home control in single or multi-family houses as well as condominiums. The System Access Point enables visualization for Busch-free @ home® and serves as a commissioning interface for all third-party and Busch-Jaeger systems as well as cloud services. The System Access Point 2.0 is a simple yet very effective solution for greater connectivity in the smart home.

With its new, smaller, more aesthetic design, the System Access Point 2.0 has an external power supply for easy installation. It offers several mounting options, such as a table top with rubber feet to prevent slippage or scratching of the device; a wall mounting with the possibility of mounting the mounting plate on the wall or on a flush-mounted box; and DIN rail mounting with optional adapter. Smart home system with even more features Thanks to the new System Access Point 2.0, the heart of Busch-free @ home®, even more devices can now be connected.

To be able to react flexibly in the future, the System Access Point has two USB ports. Thus, the memory can be expanded and it can integrate additional functions. The new dual-core processor offers 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz for an improved wireless connection. The easy commissioning of the Smart Home system via the System Access Point 2.0 is done via an intuitive app. There is no special software required.

Perfectly connected.

The 2-wire bus technology makes the installation of the ABB-free@home® as easy as usual. The cable can be fed through the same duct as the power cable. However, totally new possibilities open up when combining different functions. This allows the nerve center of the ABB-free@home® system, the System Access Point, to be combined with different sensors. These will then adjust blinds, light, heating, air-conditioning or door communication.

Free and flexible.

The functions can be fully customized according to requirements. All settings can be easily changed later via the app - even by a layman. This, for example, allows the home automation to be easily adapted to changing living situations or to the changed use of the rooms.

Overview of colours.

Making home automation easier than ever.

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Effortless installation.

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Easy to configure.

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