System Access Point

Programmed for simplicity.

The nerve center of the ABB-free@home® system is the System Access Point. It provides access for computers, tablets, or smartphones via WLAN. This allows the functions of the system to be defined and remote controlled - also at a later point in time. The System Access Point can also be connected to a router in the network - via LAN or WLAN. Connect - and you are ready to go.

For convenient commissioning the System Access Point makes available its own WLAN and the software required for project planning and commissioning. This makes the fitter independent from the structural conditions and needs no additional software. As soon as programming has been completed, this status can be saved and continually reset.

Perfectly connected.

The 2-wire bus technology makes the installation of the ABB-free@home® as easy as usual. The cable can be fed through the same duct as the power cable. However, totally new possibilities open up when combining different functions. This allows the nerve center of the ABB-free@home® system, the System Access Point, to be combined with different sensors. These will then adjust blinds, light, heating, air-conditioning or door communication.

Free and flexible.

The functions can be fully customized according to requirements. All settings can be easily changed later via the app - even by a layman. This, for example, allows the home automation to be easily adapted to changing living situations or to the changed use of the rooms.

Overview of colours.

Making home automation easier than ever.

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Effortless installation.

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Easy to configure.

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  • For commissioning and remote control of the ABB-free@home® system.
  • Allows the execution of astro and time programs.
  • Commissioning and remote control is executed via web interface or app.
  • No additional commissioning software is required.
  • Easy commissioning with WLAN ad-hoc mode.
  • Connection to the home network via WLAN client mode or via CAT cable.

  • Display elements: LED for status indication
  • Nominal voltage: 230 V~
  • Rated frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Protection type of device: IP 20