System Access Point, Wireless

The new freedom. Complete and wireless.

Simplicity due to wireless networking. It connects sensors, actuators and intelligent control without the additional need for wiring. The difference is fundamental because it allows existing building substances to remain unchanged. This means that for renovation projects the lights, blinds, heating and air-conditioning can be raised to the latest Smart Home status.

For the electrical fitter the installation of ABB-free@home® Wireless is very simple and requires little time. Because the central feature of the system, the System Access Point, makes access with the PC or tablet possible. The system is also more practical for the users because it makes the lighting, air-conditioning and safety very easy to control. All devices can be operated intuitively with switches and displays, mobile with the smartphone, even with speech. ABB-free@home® Wireless can be combined with the existing bus-based ABB-free@home® system without any problem, it can be extended future-oriented and is therefore a safe investment.

  • Wireless version opens new possibilities for modernization projects
  • The best radio connection thanks to meshed network
  • Economical installation
  • Cabled and radio components in a single system
  • Makes possible the smart control of light, heating, air-conditioning and blinds

Those who would like to renovate their home will appreciate the wireless freedom as much as the electrical fitter. Because he uses a system that has a better overview and greater efficiency and can offer more to his customers. With the new System Access Point an existing system can be extended by up to 64 wireless components – with flush-mounted devices, sensors and actuators for switching, dimming and control of blinds, with window contacts and with radio-controlled heater thermostats.

The wireless devices support the intelligent control. The wireless detectors, for example, detect whether windows and terrace doors are open or closed. If required, the ABB-free@home® system also sends an e-mail or a push message via the myABB-LivingSpace remote access. The range of functions of ABB-free@home® with time programs or speech control becomes even more comprehensive together with the wireless technology.

Free and flexible.

The functions can be fully customized according to requirements. All settings can be easily changed later via the app - even by a layman. This, for example, allows the home automation to be easily adapted to changing living situations or to the changed use of the rooms.

Overview of colours.

Making home automation easier than ever.

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Effortless installation.

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Easy to configure.

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