ABB-free@homeTouch 4.3"

Smart control.

With the compact and slim ABB-free@homeTouch 4.3" up to 16 functions can be switched with exceptional comfort, such as a central everything-off command or the status of the window, for example. Operation is carried out with tap or swipe gestures, intuitive and varied: When the panel is touched with three or more fingers at the same time, the ceiling light switches on or off automatically, even if the panel is currently in standby mode. The integrated room temperature controller cleverly replaces the conventional control technique. Nice, when the electrical fitter can offer something outstanding. Here it is a subtle design as flush-mounted model with a mounting height of only 8 mm. Installed fast and, thanks to ABB-free@home®, intuitively programmed.

Light control.

Life begins with light. With ABB-free@home® it can be optimally used, whether for illuminating individual rooms or the entire house. For example, with striking light scenes - for different moods and to suit the occasion. A pleasant side effect here is the cost-saving and environmentally friendly use of energy.


Whether blind, roller blind, awning or roller door - with the ABB-free@home® home automation, sun protection and energy saving could not be easier. Opening and closing and the adjustment of lamella can be controlled with a switch, ABB-free@homeTouch, web interface or app for smartphone or tablet. In addition, a conventional weather station for protection during a storm, a timer or astro function can be used. It automatically adjusts the blind according to sunrise and sunset.

Heating and air-conditioning.

Providing comfort and energy-saving. The optimum room temperature can be adjusted with ABB-free@home® individually or according to the specific requirement. Depending on the time of day and the function of the room. In ECO mode, the temperature is automatically lowered at night or when the house is empty. The heating can be automatically shut off when the window is open. This reduces the consumption of energy - whether for conventional heaters or under-floor heating.

Door communication.

Most welcome. Also the ABB-Welcome door communication system can be integrated into ABB-free@home®. The door communication and the home automation can be used together with the ABB-free@homeTouch 7". For example, the light switches on when the doorbell is rung to better recognize visitors. And for reasons of safety, the video camera records pictures of visitors at the door during one's absence.



Fast change of scene(ry). A single press of the button on the switch, on the ABB-free@homeTouch, PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet suffices to call up a complete scene. For example, the living room can be turned into a home cinema within just a few seconds. The roller blinds close. The lights in the room are dimmed. This comfort can be turned into reality with ABB-free@home® in every room.

Overviwe of colors.

Making home automation easier than ever.

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Effortless installation.

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Easy to configure.

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Web interface and control via app.

Home automation has never been easier - with the ABB-free@home® app. It can be used to control the entire home with a smartphone or tablet. To make adjustments is as uncomplicated as surfing the Internet. The system can be continuously adapted to changing requirements. To start with, all available devices in the rooms are activated via tablet or laptop. Then the settings can be made. Brighter or darker. Warmer or cooler. Save. Open and close. Earlier or later. Finished.

The functions are very easy to operate via the ABB-free@home® app for smartphone or tablet and via web interface with laptop or PC.

To the ABB-free@home® app

Simply everything. Automatic.

Open for new ideas. With ABB-free@home® all functions in the house can be managed automatically - according to time plan, temperature and movement detector - or be called up at the touch of a button. And here, every combination of the various functions is possible.

The everything-off switch.

The easiest method for switching off - ABB-free@home® provides it with the everything-off scene. This is especially practical when leaving the house, because in this way all networked devices in all rooms are switched off at the same time. This function is pre-programmed, making it simple to set up.