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  • App

    You can control your Busch-free@home® flex System with your smartphone or tablet just with our Busch-free@home® Next App.

Busch-flexTronics® wireless is our system for smart room control.
With Busch-flexTronics® wireless you can, for example, control lights or blinds in individual rooms smartly. For example, instead of tediously pulling on blind tapes, you can control your blinds at the touch of a button and save different shading positions thanks to intelligent technology.

Busch-flexTronics® wireless is controlled wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection - directly from your smartphone or tablet. In addition to the Bluetooth connection, several inserts can also be wirelessly networked to form groups.

Here you can learn more about the individual functions of Busch-flexTronics® wireless and how you can make your home a bit smarter with a simple solution.

Type of building

Apartment, house

Control options

Light switch, smartphone, tablet

Installation possibilities

Bluetooth, wireless, wired

Type of property

Existing property, renovation, reconstruction, new construction

Expansion phases

Individual control, room control

Overview of the functions

  • Astrofunction
    Thanks to the astro function, functions can be switched depending on the sunrise and sunset times. Blocking times prevent functions from being triggered during the night's rest, for example.
  • Everything-off function
    The everything-off-function is a preset scene with which the networked devices in all rooms can be switched off at the same time. For example, the lights in the entire house can be switched off at the touch of a button.
  • Individual scenes
    Presettings and the triggering of actions can be combined in individual scenes so that they can be called up at the touch of a button. For example, a living room can be prepared for a cosy evening of television within seconds - with the right lighting mood, lowered blinds, the ideal room temperature or even the right music.
  • Blind control
    With the blind control, blinds, shutters and awnings can be raised and lowered and the position for appropriate shading of the rooms can be set.
  • Lighting control
    With the lighting control, illuminants can be switched, controlled and dimmed. In addition, the color and color temperature of the lighting can be adjusted.

What can I control with my Busch-flexTronics® wireless system?

With your Busch-flexTronics® wireless system you can control different functions in a room. You can switch the individual functions on and off as well as add them to scenes or automations.

  • Light control

    With Busch-flexTronics® wireless you can control your lighting. You can switch lights on and off, dim them, adjust the light color or create your own scenes. You can control your lighting via switch, app or automatically by movement or presence detectors.

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  • Blind control

    With Busch-flexTronics® wireless you can automate and conveniently control the opening and closing of your blinds. Thanks to the integration of the weather station, it allows shading control depending on weather conditions and by using a timer or the astro function, the blinds automatically regulate themselves according to sunrise and sunset.

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How can I control Busch-flexTronics® wireless?

You can trigger the individual functions with Busch-flexTronics® wireless manually by switch or also control them via the app with your smartphone or tablet.

  • Light switch

    Of course, the individual functions in your Busch-flexTronics® wireless system can be triggered classically by a light switch on the wall. This allows you to switch lights on and off and dim them, but also to raise and lower your blinds and trigger individual saved scenes. You can choose the design of the light switches individually and adapt them to the style of your rooms.

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  • Control via app

    With Busch-flexTronics® wireless you can control your rooms simply via app. This way you control your rooms with your smartphone or tablet.
    The app is available for both iOS and Android.

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Discover the advantages of Busch-flexTronics® wireless

Your start into the Smarter Home world

You like to start controlling only one room and the light smart? And you like to add a connection to your hallway at a later stage? No problem!
Individual products, rooms or the entire system can be easily expanded or adapted. And thanks to wireless networking, your walls remain undamaged - everything stays in the flush-mounted box.

Flexibly extendable

You like to replace your light switch with a smart flush-mounted movement detector without much effort? No problem. All inserts and operating elements of Busch-flexTronics® wireless can be flexibly expanded and replaced.

Convenient control

With the app, you can adjust the settings of your Busch-flexTronics® wireless devices to your needs - whether you use an iOS or Android device. Our operating concept guarantees simple configuration and uncomplicated control.

Design variety

Our solutions are not only technically but also visually tailored to your needs. Because the control elements of Busch-flexTronics® wireless are available in a wide variety of light switch designs.

Which applications can I implement with Busch-flexTronics® wireless?

The demand for a smart home is individual. With Busch-flexTronics® wireless, the classic electrical installation is now also available as a wireless version: for simple and flexible installations. The system offers you the possibility to realise three different application scenarios.

Busch-flexTronics® – Single operation

Busch-flexTronics® wireless - Individual control

Busch-flexTronics® wireless - room control

Product overview

Discover the entire product range of Busch-flexTronics® wireless.

System components & accessories (2)

Weather station, flex

Colors (1)

Switch: Grey

Compatible with: Busch-flexTronics® Wireless

If you like to integrate the weather station into your room control system Busch-free@home® flex, you can react to the current weather conditions. Our weather station records all important weather data such as temperature, wind speed and rain. As soon as it gets stormy, the blinds in your rooms are automatically raised and protected from damage.

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System Access Point 2.0

Colors (1)

Switch: White

Compatible with: Busch-flexTronics® Wireless, Busch-free@home®

The System Access Point 2.0 is the heart of every Busch-free@home® system. With the System Access Point you can put your system into operation and have the possibility to control your Smarter Home remotely. Regardless of whether wired or wireless, up to 150 devices can be connected to the System Access Point.

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Movement & presence detector (1)

Busch-Presence detector

Colors (1)

Switch: Studio white, matt

Frame: Studio white, matt

Compatible with: Busch-flexTronics® Wireless

The conventional Busch-Presence detector detects whether someone is in the room and thus switches the lighting, for example, depending on this. Compared to conventional movement detectors, it impresses with its exceptional precision. Thanks to its functionality, empty rooms with the lights on are a thing of the past and you save energy and costs. The product is suitable for indoor use only.

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