pure stainless steel

Outstandingly consistent.

Unswervingly safe in style and consistent in form, material and design: pure stainless steel is based succinctly on 100% quality and durability.


Pure stainless steel for cover frames and switches is based 100% on stainless steel. An invisible fingerprint-resistant coating ensures that they impress, but do not leave a mark.

Overview of colours.

Versatile use.

This switch range can be integrated in 1gang to 5gang frame combinations.

Design Switch App

This user-friendly application not only shows you the versatility of ABB British Standard light switches design. Here you can see directly how your desired series looks on your wall. Simply make a photo of your wall and place the selected light switch on it.

Link to Design Switch App

Labelling Tool.

Precisely designating all products - with the practical labelling tool for your individual text. Easy and visually attractive for numerous products. additional information