In a class of its own.

Private living space deserves the very best. This is precisely what Busch-dynasty® offers. Handmade
and developed jointly with international design experts, the switch offers almost extravagantly luxurious aesthetics.


The brass of this switch range is polished by hand or it is brushed to give it its antique look. The same care
is given to the rocker made of high-quality plastic - it, too, is polished or brushed by hand. With Busch-dynasty® you obtain a unique specimen with its very own style.

Overview of colours.

Quality of the highest standard.

Extraordinary quality distinguishes Busch-dynasty – from the exclusive design to finest materials and up to perfect processing. Handcrafting turns each individual switch into something unique.

Stylish in every detail.

A magnificent masterpiece with a finely painted ornament on delicate anthracite. Framed with an antique brass edge. This transforms every room into a gallery of beautiful arts.

Versatile use.

This switch range is available in 1gang to 5gang cover frames. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally.