Busch-axcent® pur


Busch-axcent® pur

Busch-axcent® pur

Individualism includes a desire for a home that gives expression to personality. 

Overview of colours

Rich in contrast and lively

Busch-axcent® pur combines puristic optics and qualitative high-value materials (e.g. glass, platinum and titanium) with colours rich in contrast, which give their style a consistent expression.

Modern accents

Numerous small highlights create a tasteful overall image. Our Busch-axcent® pur switch range stands for this interior design credo, which combines consistent linear design with a variety of colours.

High-quality materials

Busch-axcent® pur is available in different materials: from glass to slate to platinum and titanium.


Versatile use

This switch range is available in 1gang to 5gang cover frames. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Busch-axcent® flat mounting set

The innovative mounting set allows the Busch-axcent® flat range to be installed flush-mounted on the wall, adding a new dimension to the aesthetic design of living space.