Busch-Timer® for blind control

Precisely to the minute.

The Busch-Timer® control elements offer convenient timing for the roller blind and Venetian blind control unit.

Standard timer control element.

With the standard timer control element, roller shutters and blinds can be opened and closed manually and time-controlled. Via the removable control element, two switching times per day can be programmed with ease. In addition, the timer has a vacation function that varies the movement times at random.
Optionally this control element can be replaced with the standard control element.

Comfort timer control element.

The comfort timer control element offers all the functions of the standard timer element. In addition, two Up and two Down times per day can be programmed. Roller blinds and blinds can be controlled with the sun and glass-break sensor via the corresponding flush-mounted insert. Also astro and time commands can be mixed, to switch exterior lighting, for example. In combination with dimmers, numerous possibilities are available.

The KNX system offers comprehensive timing.

Perhaps you want to wake up with music a bit later on the weekend? No problem. Venetian blinds go up, selected lights switch on, the radio begins to play and the heating system makes for a comfortable temperature at the right time – all at the time you set. In addition to settings by time and weekday, time periods can also be assigned with special settings. You can preset the special mood lighting you would like to enjoy for Christmas. Or under "Holiday", configure how the heating, lighting and other areas should be controlled during the holidays.
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