SCHUKO® socket outlet shuttered

Current is useful, but also very hazardous.

The SCHUKO® socket outlet with integrated shutter offers greater protection for children against the dangers of electric shock. In contrast to inserts that are fitted later, it has the product guarantee of the VDE mark of conformity. The socket outlet is easy to use and the design is unimpaired.

Little ones love to discover things. Although this makes parents happy, it does have its associated dangers. The socket outlet is soon discovered. But, there is a reassuring solution: the shuttered socket outlet. This provides far better protection for children than the standard socket outlet because the automatic shutter only opens with parallel pressure applied to both opening holes.

  • Colloquially called "Child protection socket"
  • Offers greater safety for children due to protection against the risk of electric shock
  • The shutter only opens with simultaneous pressure on both openings
  • Familiar comfortable operation
  • Retrofitted "Teddies" are deceptive and do not conform to VDE regulations
  • The shutter is firmly attached to the socket outlet and cannot be accidentally removed

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