Smoke detectors/Heat detectors.

The private fire brigade.

A fire can start quickly and unexpectedly. Many heat sources are used in the household - especially in the kitchen. Suddenly the doorbell rings, you start chatting with your the neighbour, the saucepan overheats and a fire starts. Busch-Smoke alarm detector ProfessionalLINE and Busch-Heat alarm detector ProfessionalLINE alert you to the danger with a loud alarm signal and so prevent a disaster.
Additional information

Fires are insidious. The greatest hazard comes not from the open visible flames. It comes from the smoke that develops within a matter of seconds. It is often barely visible but highly toxic and can cause unconsciousness within a very short period of time. And often with terrible results: death from suffocation. The smoke alarms from Busch-Jaeger detect every development of smoke very quickly and loudly sound the alarm.

Tested safety.

The highest requirements apply to smoke alarm detectors, and rightly so. And this according to standards EN 14604 and DIN 14676. Our Busch-Smoke alarm detectors ProfessionalLINE fully conform to these requirements. In addition, two of them have been tested according to vfdb 14-01 and VdS 3131 and certified with the new "Q" label: an independent, vendor-neutral quality mark for high-quality smoke alarm detectors, which have been tested especially for long-term use. They are completely reliable.

Danger lurks everywhere. Prevention protects.

Prevention is the best protection against fire. He who know where potential dangers lurk, can easily reduce the risk fire without any great effort. Therefore, regularly check your household and workplace for the following sources of danger:

  • Faulty electric cables
  • Incorrect use and overheating of electric devices
  • Flammable materials located close to very hot electric devices such as iron, toaster, etc.
  • Open flames such as candles, fireplaces, etc.
  • Smoking on the couch or in the bed
  • Short-circuits due to standby operation of televisions, computers and gaming consoles
  • Overloading and overheating of multiple socket boards
  • Contaminated extractor hoods with fat deposits
  • Children playing with fire