KNX room temperature controller, fan coil

With integrated bus coupler.

The fan coil room temperature controller with display is suited for ventilator convectors or conventional systems for heating or cooling. It allows rooms to be fully air-conditioned. The temperature can be adjusted precisely for personal comfort. The fan speeds can be selected by push buttons. Even very large rooms can be heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature quickly – with additional air-conditioning units. The KNX fan coil room temperature controller can be operated individually. The bus coupler is integrated into the control element.


  • Temperature reading
  • RTC setting
  • Illuminated display
  • Fan-coil mode for heating and cooling


  • Greater operating comfort thanks to the large and clear display
  • Full air-conditioning
  • Fan speed levels can be selected manually
  • Integrated bus coupler
  • Surface-mounting, independent of switch range

Colour range