Universal detector WaveLINE

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The WaveLINE universal detector is available as alternative to the WaveLINE window sensor. Its use is recommended wherever the WaveLINE window sensor cannot be mounted for mechanical reasons. This allows roof windows to be monitored and lengthy tours of inspection are unnecessary when leaving the house. Additional areas for practical use, for example, are cellar doors or side entrances of garages and sheds. A second, separately available bolt switch contact indicates whether the door is locked. The WaveLINE universal detector is available in black and white.

Overview of colours.

WaveLINE LED display.

The WaveLINE LED display is the control element of the WaveLINE universal detector. It receives the information via radio control whether the window or the door is open or closed. It displays the result with various coloured LEDs.
Additional information about the WaveLINE LED display

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Fields of application for the WaveLINE universal detector, for example, are cellar doors, side entrances of garages and sheds or roof windows on which it is not possible to mount the WaveLINE window sensor for mechanical reasons.