Busch-WaveLINE remote control and wall-mounted transmitter

Living requires freedom.

WaveLINE is not only surprisingly easy to install. The system is also extremely versatile. Switching, controlling blinds and calling up entire light scenes and main functions with a press of a button: the WaveLINE makes living a little more comfortable. You will quickly get used to the everyday advantages of comfort that practical remote radio control provides and will not want to miss it. You may even get additional ideas about other functions that you would like to easily and without any effort convert to radio control.

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.

Greater comfort: remote control with the manual transmitter.

A special feature of the WaveLINE system is that the switching flexibility is increased with radio wall-mounted transmitters and that one has a radio switch where it is regularly needed. Of course, also the classical manual transmitter has its place in the WaveLINE system - with group selection keys for all the important applications. Switching, dimming, controlling the blinds or calling up scenes: With the elegant transmitter you have everything under control. Wherever you are.

Wall-mounted transmitter - the new freedom.

It is the wall-mounted transmitters in the WaveLINE system that make the difference in comfort. You have always wanted to control the blinds remotely without having to get up from your armchair, yet the switch is located next to the window at the other end of the room. The WaveLINE is the solution to the problem. An appropriate WaveLINE actuator is installed in the distribution box and a wall-mounted transmitter is installed at the desired location without any structural alterations and you are ready to control the blind remotely via radio.