Busch-Radio iNet

World-wide reception.

Set on comfort. For relaxation one also needs the right kind of entertainment. With the Busch-Radio iNet, listening to music is a pleasure anytime and wherever you are. This high-quality, space-saving flush-mounted stereo radio offers access to radio stations from around the world. This makes it possible to digitally receive your favourite radio station via WLAN in every room. With high-quality sound, without hissing and interference. And, this compact radio can be controlled manually with the multfunction rocker or comfortably with smartphone or tablet.

Small radio, large transmission range.

The Integrated WLAN antenna of the Busch-Radio iNet makes access to the Internet possible, which, for example, allows streaming service "tunein.com" to be used. This makes the reception of all Internet stations from around the world possible in brilliant quality in mono or stereo mode. The illuminated display informs about station and volume. All settings are retained in the event of a power failure. The Busch-Radio iNet can search for stations according to topics (e.g. genre, region) and store up to eight programs. Additional functions displayed are time and date, alarm and sleep function, as well as short-time timer. The playback of MP3 titles or CDs is also possible via an external audio input.

Audio files from local networks can be activated and played with the "Universal Plug and Play" (UPnP) function. Aside from being individually activated via smartphone or tablet, additional simple remote switching for the Busch-Radio iNet is possible.
It can be connected to a movement detector or light switch via an extension unit input. In this way it switches on automatically when entering the room, or manually by actuating the light switch.

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.

Multifunction rocker.

The elegant control element of the Busch-Radio iNet makes possible the convenient and intuitive selection of all desired functions.

Illuminated display.

The selected functions and settings are shown clearly on the illuminated 1.5" display (3.8 cm).

It is controlled via smartphone and tablet.

The control of the Busch-Radio iNet is modern and especially convenient. It is very easy to start operating and control with a smartphone or tablet. All functions and setting operations are shown on the display of the mobile terminal devices.

Options for extension.

The Busch-Radio iNet can be easily extended with other Busch-Jaeger products according to your wishes. For example, with the Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeaker for flush-mounted radios or the Busch-iDock station.
Link to Busch-iDock
Link to Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeakers for flush-mounted radios

Extension unit input.

The Busch-Radio iNet can be connected to light switches or movement detectors via an extension unit input. It can then be activated or deactivated automatically.

Link to Movement/presence detectors