Busch-Radio BTconnect

Sound without cables.

Now one can enjoy music in the entire house via the smartphone or the radio: The new Busch-Radio BTconnect from the Busch-AudioWorld® range is the next generation of modern home entertainment from Busch-Jaeger. There is always a demand for clear solutions in the surrounding atmosphere. Whatever style is desired, many devices and cables permanently interfere with the design and cosiness. Better is when the electrical fitter can offer a precise line without any effort.

Best sound with radio and Bluetooth.

A perfect radio, reduced to the smallest space: flush-mounted in the wall. The digital amplifier integrated in the radio in connection with the matching, acoustically optimised loudspeaker inserts from the Busch-AudioWorld® range provides a powerful, strong tonal music and speech replay. The Busch-Radio BT-connect simultaneously integrates itself together with the built-in loudspeakers into all switch ranges (except Decento®). It is suitable for the private sector and for shopping premises, offices, medical practices, legal offices or hotels, and can be installed without a problem in small rooms, in normal flush-mounted boxes. The system can also be switched on with a light switch or movement detector.

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.

Multifunction rocker.

The elegant control element of the Busch-Radio BTconnect makes possible the convenient and intuitive selection of all desired functions.

Illuminated display.

The selected functions and settings are shown clearly on the illuminated 1.5" display (3.8 cm).

Extension input.

The Busch-Radio BT-connect can be connected to light switches or movement detectors via an extension input. It can then be activated or deactivated automatically.

Link to Movement/presence detectors

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