Comfortably charging and networking.

Busch-powerDock with charging connection for Apple*-Lightning or USB type C –Busch-Jaeger offers many solutions for optimum charging. The ideal docking station for docking iPhones* and iPods*.No irritating searching for cables. The energy station is always at the same location.

Energy stations directly in a flush-mounted box are becoming more and more popular in private homes, hotels and functional buildings. With the new Busch-powerDock Busch-Jaeger offers an optimum solution - and this either for the lightning connection for Apple* devices or for the future standardized smartphone energy station interface, the USB-C connection.

The mobile terminal device is simply plugged onto the lightning or USB-C connection and the charging process runs. The new type C socket is not only more compact, but also more comfortable. This is because it no longer matters how the plug fits into the socket of the smartphone. An additional advantage is the quick charging function with the support of the quick-charge standard. Die Apple*-Lightning charging interface is MFi certified and makes the quickest charging time possible with a charging current of up to 2100 mA. The Busch-powerDock can be combined with all Busch-Jaeger switch ranges (except Decento® and impuls).