Busch-AudioWorld® microphone console

Speaking and hearing.

Next please. In commercial or public facilities such as practices, shops or boutiques there is always a lot of public traffic. To provide a pleasant and relaxing sound for patients, customers and employees, there is the Busch-AudioWorld® system. It entertains with subdued music and assists with the daily communication. With the microphone centre at the reception and the many amplifier inserts in the different rooms, one can communicate directly without any annoying detours.

Management of patients.

Practices and waiting rooms need effective organisation. Patients need to be called up without any unnecessary effort and led to the treatment rooms. In addition, for the work process to run smoothly, the internal communication between employees and the various sectors of the practice is vital. Here the Busch-AudioWorld® system offers the intercom management function for making announcements or holding specific conversations.

Perfect dialogue. With patients and colleagues.

With the Busch-AudioWorld® central microphone unit and suitable loudspeakers, patients can be entertained in waiting rooms with relaxing music. An additional option is making a selective call to the individual waiting and treatment rooms. Individually assignable push-buttons care for fast and uncomplicated communication.

Ideal for sound in multiple rooms.

The Busch-AudioWorld® central unit, and, if desired, an additional stereo system, can be installed in the room. Music can be played in the connected rooms via the amplifier inserts, the system can be used as intercom with the intercom management function and the volume can be individually adjusted.